Wedding Planning: Glassware Options

When planning a wedding, many couples may overlook the impact glassware can provide. Glassware can be a way to visually bring in details that reflect the style and vibe of a couple.  There are many glassware options that can add just the right touch.  Gold or silver rims add a unique look, especially when paired with matching cutlery.  Stephanie from Cape Cod Celebrations says, “Mixing and matching stemmed and stemless glassware can add interest and texture to your table setting. I love the unique and vintage glassware from True North Event Rentals. The different levels of glassware can be used to add a little elegance or even be a more casual touch to your tabletop all depending on your wedding style!”

Another option is making the glassware itself the finishing touch that makes the table pop.  When paired with some other objects, this can have a big visual impact.  Jamie from Cape Cod Celebrations adds, “I love a beautiful water glass!  If you are to upgrade just one glass on your table, we recommend the water glass as it stays there all night.  This is a great place to bring in a color, we love the debutante glassware from Peak Event Services, or a metallic like silver or gold rimmed water glass.”

Mixing and matching styles is another option that many brides and grooms don’t think of.  It is often the table top items that can be the most fun to pick while still staying within budget.  So when planning your wedding with us, let’s think glasses, and have fun!

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