Wedding Planning: Tables

When planning a wedding, there are many options for tables to seat your guests. This is one of the first decisions we help couples navigate when planning.  Each of the many options have their own benefits. This really helps set the overall effect a couple is striving for as they celebrate.

Farm Tables

One option when wedding planning is choosing farm tables. Farm tables provide a nice clean look that can be made elegant or rustic.  They come in classic wood finish or a white washed option. With a runner of flowers and greens down the center, these tables are spectacular. True North Rentals is one of our favorite Cape Cod rental companies that offers a variety of home made tables of different sizes and shapes to choose from.

Rectangular Tables

Another table option when wedding planning is rectangular tables. Regular rectangular tables are a less expensive option.  The variety of colors, fabrics and patterns to choose from for the tablecloths and napkins can create any look. Rectangular tables can be arranged as separate tables or joined together into long tables. These tables come in both 8 foot and 6 foot lengths making them easy to accommodate different groups. This is an easy way to fit many separate groups or combine to include everyone at one long table.

Round Tables

Round tables have the same linen choices as rectangular tables.  The benefits of having these is there are more choices of sizes. This makes it easier to have as many or few guests at each table. This way no table ends up looking too empty or full.  Many people find round tables easier for chatting with all their table mates.  Round tables are also a little easier to fit into tight spaces making sure everyone can be accommodated in a very efficient way.

Sweetheart Table

A lot of couples opt to have a sweetheart table. This allows them to remain the focal point of the celebration and be front and center for speeches and toasts. It is a nice way for newly weds to have some intimate moments amongst the bigger celebration with family and friends. Sweetheart tables have just as many choices in size and shape as the larger guest tables. In addition, these smaller tables also come in high top options, making it very easy for guests to stop by and chat with the happy couple at any point throughout the night.

As you can see, thinking about tables is more than just the color of a tablecloth and napkin.  It is  important for you to really think about how your guests will be arranged when envisioning your big day. Mixing and matching sizes and shapes is also a fun way to have everything customized. Be sure to capitalize on your event coordinators expertise when planning this aspect of your big day.

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