Planning your Bar

We know that when it comes time to planning your bar, many of you will spend a lot of time deciding what this will look like.  We offer many bar packages to help make this decision easier.

Beer and Wine

The simplest bar option is supplying beer and wine only to your guests.  We offer many local beers in our packages and are always willing to incorporate some local wine offerings as well.  This option makes it very simple to greet guests immediately following the ceremony with trays of the entire drink offerings.

Specialty Drinks

Another option when planning your bar is including a specialty drink.  Many couples go back and forth about this possibility.  At Cosmos, our experienced bartenders would say ABSOLUTELY to a specialty drink choice.  It’s a really great way to share with your  guests  a drink you and you new spouse love, or to come up with a fun drink that expresses your personality as a couple.

We particularly love when each partner has their own signature drink. You can totally come up with fun names for them and add a simple chalkboard or a framed sign at the bar with the descriptions.  At one wedding we did,  there was a very cute competition going on between the new couple on which drink people would order more of and they kept checking in  throughout the night to see who was winning.  It’s a really terrific way to add a personalized touch to the bar menu at your wedding.

Here are a few of  our favorite suggestions:

Cape Codder– Nothing says “classic Cape Cod” like this drink. Your favorite Vodka, cranberry juice and a lime wedge garnish. So simple yet so perfect!

Cranberry Mojito--We only use the best ingredients, fresh mint, fresh lime juice and real cranberries (AND it’s VERY Cape Cod, your guests will love it).

Dark and Stormy – Super simple to make and real crowd pleaser. It’s just Ginger Beer and Dark Rum (We recommend Goslings) and if you’re not a rum drinker, replace it with Vodka and you have a completely different drink, a Moscow Mule. 

Whiskey Sour-  A throwback to a bygone error but so fun at a wedding. Whiskey (of course) and homemade sour mix, no bottled stuff for our clients. Garnish with a orange and a cherry and voilĂ , perfection.

Full Bar

A full bar is the final bar package option.  This is a bit more elaborate and has more choices for couples to make.  We have many selections of different spirits and mixers from which to choose.  Even with this choice, a specialty drink is still an option as well.  A lot of our weddings have a specialty drink that kicks off the cocktail hour by being passed on trays.  After the initial pass, the drink is then available at the bar for those who would like to continue with that choice.  This also allows guests to switch over to something more to their liking.

No matter what you decide when planning your bar, Cosmos can help you come up with the perfect selections for you and your guests to make your wedding a stand out.

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